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Screening a film that I directed at Fantasia International Film Festival has been on my bucket list for awhile. I can finally tick that box off! Very proud to officially announce the world premiere of POOR AGNES on July 19th! As icing to the already awesome cake, our screening is now SOLD OUT! I couldn't be happier!

The past three weeks has been a whirlwind of projects after project, but it's nice to take a few days off and enjoy Montreal. Tomorrow, I hop on my 6:40am Via Rail for the festival. We screen at 7:15pm tomorrow. I hope the audience enjoys it. I shall report back!

I'll also be releasing a series of video diaries, similar to what I did for Chasing Valentine. Here's...

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I directed two spots in this series - Wrestling and Swimming. These were fun ones to shoot, especially the underwater photography. And as many of our projects at studio m are, the budget was tight and turnaround was fast. But I wanted to produce something solid that looked and sounded cinematic.

It was a pleasure working with Erica Wiebe. She was certainly fun to be around and a total pro, definitely someone I'd like to grab a couple drinks with (but I definitely wouldn't want to pick a fight with her)! Both girls' sport teams were excellent and it was really inspiring to see these young athletes kick ass!

This was my first time working with DOP Chris Lew, and it certainly isn't going be the last! As soon as we discussed and references were exchanged, we were on track! Chris instantly got what I was going for...

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All over social media, 2016 has been getting a bad rep for one reason or another. But for me, 2016 was absolutely fantastic. Firstly, it has been a highlight year for my career. My labour of love Chasing Valentine screened at the Canadian Film Festival to a sold out, extremely enthusiastic crowd and rave reviews; it was one of the best experiences of my life. Just months after, the movie was picked up for distribution and is now making its rounds globally thanks to Turnkey Films and Flix Premiere.

Next, my first ever BluRay release happened thanks to Parade Deck Films -...


Very excited to share that, for the first time, a movie that I directed is now available on BluRay & DVD. I've had DVD releases before (Nara), but in the era of digital distribution it's really something cool to have a movie out on physical media. Yes, I'm a collector (always have been) and yes, I grew up in the 80's and 90's where browsing the aisles of video stores was an event I looked forward to. Heck, I still do it! I'm fortunate enough to reside in Toronto where awesome stores like Queen Video and Bay Street Video still exist (sadly, another Toronto staple, Suspect Video will be closing its doors soon).

Anyway, head over to...

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One More for the Road was the first time Writer/Producer Kelly Michael Stewart and I worked together and it was a great experience all round! A small, determined bunch of us set out to Peterborough and shot the movie over 2 days.

Armed with my brand new RED Scarlet-MX (which I had just purchased), along with my 2009 VW Jetta (which I had also recently purchased) and a car rig I had never used before (the Spyder Pod from Digital Juice, which ended up being one of the best rigs I'd ever used, and still use till today), we put our minds together and shot this movie.

It was tight, but we ended up with a short that we're all really proud of. And Nick Schnier's score coupled with...

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I have so much to say about Chasing Valentine - this was the movie that truly made me grow as a filmmaker. But I'll save that for it's dedicated post. For now, US audience can check out the movie exclusively on Flix Premiere!*

Also check out the Video Diary that chronicles my journey making and releasing the movie. And listen to the original soundtrack by the uber talented Nick Andre and Matt Shaw (City Light).

Very excited to get this movie out to...