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I can finally stop Chasing Valentine!

I have so much to say about Chasing Valentine - this was the movie that truly made me grow as a filmmaker. This was one of the toughest productions, and I can honestly say I came out of it knowing that I have some exceptional people around me. If it wasn't for a select few crew members (who are without a doubt some of my dearest friends), I might have just pulled the plug midway through shooting this movie. Post however was the complete opposite experience - it was actually one of the best post processes I've gone through. Imagine that!

All thats behind me now, and what I ended up with is a movie I'm extremely proud of and one that will always be very dear to me. It brings me so much joy that Chasing Valentine has finally found her permanent home thanks to Avi Federgreen's Indiecan Entertainment. The movie was in distribution limbo after a brief release on Amazon Prime due to our previous, extremely incompetent distributor, who thankfully isn't involved any longer. Why certain distributors leech after poor indie filmmakers and overpromise and severely under-deliver (and subsequently ignore every attempt at communication) will always baffle me. But, let's not dwell on the past, shall we?

Now you can rent/own Chasing Valentine in the following manner:

Bay Street Video, Toronto (curbside pickup)

Also check out the Video Diary that chronicles my journey making and releasing the movie. And listen to the original soundtrack on Spotify by the uber talented Nick Andre and Matt Shaw (City Light).

Very excited to get this movie out to the world (again!). Check it out and let me know what you thought of it on IMDB, Letterboxed or Amazon :)


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