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SHORT: "One More for the Road" now on DVD!

One More for the Road was the first time Writer/Producer Kelly Michael Stewart and I worked together and it was a great experience all round! A small, determined bunch of us set out to Peterborough and shot the movie over 2 days.

Armed with my brand new RED Scarlet-MX (which I had just purchased), along with my 2009 VW Jetta (which I had also recently purchased) and a car rig I had never used before (the Spyder Pod from Digital Juice, which ended up being one of the best rigs I'd ever used, and still use till today), we put our minds together and shot this movie.

It was tight, but we ended up with a short that we're all really proud of. And Nick Schnier's score coupled with Bruce William Harper's cinematography truly brought the movie to life. Now, this little flick (that played in various film fests and TV stations around the world) is available on DVD via Blackfawn Distribution. It's part of a short film compilation called Bloody BITS Shorts, and you can grab it at Blackfawn's website for just $9.99!

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