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My 2016 in Review

All over social media, 2016 has been getting a bad rep for one reason or another. But for me, 2016 was absolutely fantastic. Firstly, it has been a highlight year for my career. My labour of love Chasing Valentine screened at the Canadian Film Festival to a sold out, extremely enthusiastic crowd and rave reviews; it was one of the best experiences of my life. Just months after, the movie was picked up for distribution and is now making its rounds globally thanks to Turnkey Films and Flix Premiere.

Next, my first ever BluRay release happened thanks to Parade Deck Films - Late Night Double Feature is out there for the world to see and it's certainly a wonderful feeling. At the same time, One More For The Road, a short film I directed a few years ago that marked the beginning of a wonderful friendship with my pal Kelly Micahel Stewart, came out on DVD thanks to Blackfawn Distribution. On top of that, The Misfortune of Madeline Moody (a super gory short film I made for an ABCs of Death submission) was released online via Bloody Disgusting.

Just in time for the New Year, Time Out - a lovely little short film I shot with Adam Langton, Jen Pogue, and Bruce William Harper while in Milan for our Chasing Valentine European Premiere, is finally finished and ready for the world to see!

And now I'm neck deep in post-production with my new love, Poor Agnes, a feature film that I am so proud of, and cannot wait to unleash to the world in 2017!

And on top of everything, I work for what I believe is one of the best companies in the world, studio m. Every single day I am immersed in a sea of creativity and genuine love for producing spectacular content that matters. I work with the best people I could ever hope for.

All this success could not have happened without the amazing people I am consistantly surrounded by, and their love, support, and trust in me and my abilities. The one constant in my life is my friends and I truly thank each and every one of you for being an integral part of my life. I am motivated, inspired and constantly entertained by your awesomeness :)

Clearly a large part of my life and enjoyment comes from my work, and I rarely share my personal life openly. But this year something else happened - I started living with the most amazing girl, Lisa Barton (aka The Lissss, aka LeeSeeBeeSee). It certainly has been an amazing adventure and I cannot wait for this journey to continue. The Lisss has been a source of support and love and fun that I have never experienced before.

So yep, this is the synopsis of my 2016. It has been spectacular, despite some people's perception of the year. Bring on 2017!